Statement of Executive Committee of South Central Mennonite Conference related to recent gatherings of Anabaptist Renewal Circles (ARC) and those exploring alternatives to Mennonite Church USA membership.

March 6, 2014

        Some members of the South Central Mennonite Conference Executive Committee have attended recent gatherings of Anabaptist Renewal Circles (where there was also a breakout group that is exploring the formation of an alternative network to being members in Mennonite Church USA). It has been helpful to the Executive Committee to have members who are informed about these developments.                                                                                                                                                                        The leadership of South Central Mennonite Conference is committed to maintaining a relationship with Mennonite Church USA and we are encouraging conference congregations to be patient with the processes taking shape within the denomination. The current reality is that a number of Mennonite Churches have left their conferences or are in the process of leaving and seeking to find a conference or network that fits their values and commitments.  The leadership of South Central Mennonite Conference has decided, with the encouragement of Terry Shue, Mennonite Church USA denominational minister, to be open to helping these congregations maintain some relationship to the larger Anabaptist Mennonite Church tradition rather than become independent congregations.  Therefore, in recent years, we have welcomed congregations who want to have a long term membership in our conference.  For the immediate future we also feel it would be helpful for the South Central Conference delegates to welcome congregations who seek a possible short term membership while they seek God’s guidance in discerning their long term affiliations. This would include holding their ministerial credentials. While this action may seem unusual, these are not usual times in Mennonite Church USA.  

Our Mission

The mission of South Central Conference is
to produce healthy missional congregations
by resourcing, connecting and empowering them
to be Christ in the world.

Our Region

South Central Mennonite Conference (SCC or SCMC) is a regional conference of Mennonite Church USA. SCC is made up of 27 member congregations, 1 associate member congregation, and 5 church plants. Our churches are located in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Mexico.

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