Jesus is the Light of the World

JesusLightoftheWorldWhen I was asked to be the director for VBS-on- the-Road, I excitedly said, yes! I did not think twice about it! Yet, as the time to hit the road came closer I said, “Lord, what if you have the wrong person for the job?” By then, it was too late to say no, and I said, “Lord, with you before me, with you bedside me, with you leading the way, here I go!” The team and I set out to bring a message: Jesus is the light of the world to children in each of the churches we would visit.

The theme for Cave Quest (Jesus is the light of the world) included five Bible buddies: Jesus gives us Hope, Jesus gives us Courage, Jesus gives us Direction, Jesus gives us Love and Jesus gives us Power. As the weeks went by, those Bible buddies were not only teaching the children, that Jesus is the light of world and that He wanted them to follow him, but they were also transforming each member of the team. Jesus was giving each one of us the hope, the courage, the direction, the love and the power needed to fulfill what He had commended us to do.

The Bible clearly states that He promises to equip you with everything good for doing His will. I understood that the Lord had not only selected me to lead a team, but also chosen, handpicked, if you will a spirit filled team: Micah, Tanner, Megan, Abraham and Lilian. They have been used by the Lord mightily and I praise God for the labor of love they have done in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus: the light of the world. They are an amazing team! To have worked side by side with them has been a true blessing. I am so very proud of them, and I give the Lord all the honor and glory.

I thank South Central conference for the opportunity, the faith and confidence given me to take and lead this amazing group on the road.

–Grace Tijerina
Director VBS On The Road 2016


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