Church Planters connect with Refugee Family in Kansas City

On January 22, 2017 we received word from Akron Mennnonite Church in Pennsylvania that a refugee family originally from Congo in Kansas City was in need of help.  The Akron church is sponsoring a refugee family and the refugees in Kansas City are relatives. The husband in the family was attacked by a group of men who severely  beat him, stole all his money, documents and car.  He was hospitalized for several days, but is now recovering at home.  Akron first contacted Rainbow Mennonite Church in Kansas City and they in turn were aware that Omot and Hanna Aganya were working with refugees there so they asked them if they could visit the family.  The next day, January 23 Omot and Hanna went to see them.  The man told Omot that the men had beaten him until they thought he was dead. They also said that his employer had just called and said that if he didn’t come to work by January 24, the next day, he would lose his job.  But they didn’t have transportation since his car was gone. They told Omot and Hanna that they were afraid that they would not have money for food and rent. Omot and Hanna prayed for them and Omot volunteered to go to his house the next day to take him to work.

Pray for this family and continue to pray for Omot and Hanna (pictured above) and their children as they are living and serving in the Kansas City area.

–James Wenger
Regional Conference Minister


SCC Pastors to present at Church Planting Conference

​Mennonite Mission Network is sponsoring an event at the Arca de Salvacion church in Fort Myers, Florida, April 6-8.  With the title of SENT, the meeting will involve more than 100 Mennonite mission-minded, Jesus-following leaders in a church planting summit.  There will be church planters, groups and individuals testing the call, missional entrepreneurs, outreach experimenters, pastors, missiologists, and […]

Church Planting

Kansas City Church Planting report

Omot and Hanna Aganya and their children have been in Kansas City since July, 2016.  They have learned to know and are working with many immigrants from Ethiopia and South Sudan.  After having smaller group meetings in homes for some months,  Omot is sensing that the Lord wants them to start having larger group worship services.  […]